Arabs are the first to create natural skin care products.

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When it comes to natural skin care history, Arabs were the first to realize and utilize the benefits of  natural ingredients for the skin's health and appearance 6000 years ago.

The ingredients they used reflected a deep understanding of natural skincare products.

The great Ancient Egyptian Civilization is the first to grace the earth with the knowledge of using Carrier oils, essential oils, honey, milk, clays and salt as moisturizers, body odor protectors, sun screen, scrubs, fragrances and skin antiaging serums.

Their methods were extremely advanced and many of their beauty recipes still exists today but under different brand names claiming the recipes as their own.

Ancient Egyptian civilization wasn’t the only middle eastern civilization to pay a big attention to natural skin care products. Almost 5000 years ago, it was discovered in ancient Babylonia that mixing animal fats with wood ash and water created a cleansing substance. 

You can also check the history of the Syrian Aleppo soap which came from the 8th century AD, and by the time of the crusades, it became one of the most hotly traded commodities of the Syrian territories.

At the time, the Middle East had the knowledge and the resources to create and develop skincare.

So, what happened? why did the Middle East turn from being the biggest producer of natural skincare to being the biggest consumer?

Middle East and Africa are the lands of natural skincare ingredients, where many international brands can take the advantage of the lack of organizational and governmental regulations and policies in the market. It allows them to buy the highest quality of natural ingredients with the cheapest cost and then repackage it and sell it with triple it's original cost.  

This is not only consuming the natural resources, but it destroys Middle Eastern and African beauty businesses in their own market as well.

When the medium to large sized western international brands compete to buy high quality natural ingredients from middle east and Africa it puts our whole beauty industry in jeopardy.

Our natural ingredients will be exposed to commercial dumping, creating a parallel and identical market but with more advanced marketing and manufacturing ability.

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