- Who are we?

You may think that we’re millionaires, businessmen, investors or celebrities but before being a team we are friends that have multi-faceted backgrounds with radical honesty. We knew each other for years now and proudly we have strong personal chemistry and the same organizational interests. Above all that, we started it with an honorable experience.

- Our Experience

Our story started intensively following the shock of terrible news that a close friend of ours has cancer, we experienced the panic to witness it getting worse day after day especially after giving her support on starting proper treatment through chemotherapy which caused her skin dryness, itchiness and discoloration. Symptoms that changed her self-image exposed fear and depression.

She tried to fight the side effects with normal beauty moisturizers but it wasn’t effective against these malignant symptoms. And that’s where we found the clue, a few people recommended that should try a Natural Skincare product called Shea Butter.

Starting with a spirit again to search all the details regarding Shea Butter, we found the underrated benefits and were fascinated with the way it’s been extracted. The concept of fighting the side effects of the chemotherapy conversely with natural ingredients. It was common that won’t find the pure material of Shea Butter out of the commercial products.

Knowing that the pure Shea Butter means that it should be “unrefined” is where we started again by looking for a decent supplier which was clear to be found in Ghana, so we asked a Ghanaian friend to bring us a sample and fortunately his family lands where they grow Shea trees. And guess what it happened! it was extremely and intensively effective and repatriated her out of depression and we have to quote her words in this phase “No factory-made product can compete with mother nature generosity.”

Finally, we’ve felt the social responsibility to take a proactive role in passing on the experience solutions to everybody that would need the skin care effective products out of commercial purposes. In addition of giving other skin care providers the pattern to present their effective products in our website.

Our Mission: bring in the natural culture and experience by provide all our customer wherever they are with a pure, Unrefined, and Virgin Shea Butter in affordable price to state the fact of natural products advantages over chemical-based products.

Our Vision: To be known internationally with our best-in-class provider, to be able to reach every customer in each country with the natural bright hands of Africa, to create a stronger supporting community to mother nature and women rights.

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