Who are we? 

We aren’t millionaires or businessmen, we aren’t investors or celebrities but before being a team we are friends in real life. We knew each other for years now and proudly we have strong friendship. 


Our experience
We believe that the biggest experience we all have as a group of friends was the sickness of a close friend of ours. Our story started when we got shocked by knowing that she has cancer. Unfortunately, her sickness started to get worse with the days, weeks and months. As a side effect of chemotherapy, her skin developed dryness, itchiness and discoloration. 

All of us, including herself, started to check and buy all the moisturizers in the beauty market, but nothing worked. One day she told us that a few people recommended for her to try a Natural Skincare product called Shea Butter. 

We started to search all the details about Shea Butter, we read about its benefits and were fascinated with the way its extracted. It was interesting to find out that its a 100% natural product and yet much more effective than chemical-based products. 

However, we also started to hear that it’s really hard to find Pure shea butter, because of many different reasons like commercial fraud and distance.

After knowing that Ghana is the safest source of Unrefined Shea Butter, we decided to ask our Ghanaian friend to bring some for us, but he surprised us when he told us over the phone that all his family members have lands where they grow Shea trees and he promised us with some of it as soon as he comes back from Ghana within two weeks.

After recieving it, we were extremely happy when our cancer patient friend said “No factory-made product can compete with mother nature generosity. ”


Our Mission: To provide all our customer wherever they are with pure, Unrefined, and Virgin Shea Butter for an affordable price to create more understanding about natural products advantages over chemical-based products.


Our Vision: To be known internationally ,to be able to reach every customer in each country, to create a stronger supporting community to mother nature and women rights.



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